I am Atauba Prince Mfon. I am a Software Developer. I love using technologies such as Javascript (React, Angular and Node) to make the web accessible to users by developing web applications. I am also interested in Mobile Technologies such as Dart/Flutter. I am a graduate of Middlesex University and also an intern at OilServ. I am also a Real Madrid fan by day and a Real Madrid fan by night.


Planit 📋

A todo app made with Node JS, Express, Angular and MongoDB. It is hosted here.

Pause and Play 📺

A Google Chrome extension that automatically pauses a YouTube video when the tab is switched or browser is minimized and plays it when the tab is back in focus. Download it here.

UniRide 🚗

This is a school project I and a team worked on designing the User Interface for a ride sharing service for students. We carried out User Research, prototyping and User Testing in order to come up with a UI which can be viewed here.

Sported ⚽

A football news app built with React JS and the News API. It is hosted here and source code is here.

P8ntr 🖌

A painting webpage built with HTML5 Canvas API. Learnt from Wes Bos's Javascript 30 Course. Take a look at it here.

Sonos 🎶

A web application built with React JS that consumes data from a JSON file. It is hosted here and take a look at the source code here.


You can find me on twitter or linkedin. Look at my projects on github. See my writings on dev.to or view my pictures on vsco or instagram. Just send a raven.